Monetary Prizes not awarded in cash at the prize giving have been distributed by bank-transfer. eVoucher prizes for Chess & Bridge have been distributed by email. At the time of writing, prizes are still being worked on, though the winners are listed below.


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First IM Alan Merry (Bury St Edmunds) 4½/5 £ 350
Second equal IM Richard Pert (Brentwood), James Cole (4NCL Oxford) 4/5 £ 140 each
u18 Junior Nina Pert (Brentwood) 3½/5 £ 50
u2100 Rating Oliver Lenton (Ely) 3/5 £ 50
u1990 Rating Haroon Majeed (Bury St Edmunds) 3/5 £ 50


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First Sydney Jacob (Lewisham) 4½/5 £ 200
Second equal Jeff Tomy (Watford), Anas Ibn Saifullah (Cambridge City), Graeme Jones (Manningtree) 4/5 £ 55 each
u18 Junior * Jeff Tomy (Watford), Anas Ibn Saifullah (Cambridge City) 4/5 £ 25 each
u1825 Rating Francois Swiegers (Stevenage) 3½/5 £ 50
u1750 Rating Mike E Usher (Saxmundham) 3½/5 £ 50
u1700 Rating Tim Hynes (Shillington) 3/5 £ 50

* Although our published prize rules say that no player may be awarded more than one prize, we also reserve the right to vary this if it would result in a fairer distribution of prizes. In this case, these two were the only junior players in the section. Had they not recieved the prize between them, it could not have been awarded at all.


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First Danny Hardman (Clacton) 5/5 £ 150
Second Mervyn Podmore (Hemel Hempstead) 4½/5 £ 80
Third equal Peter Stone (Norfolk and Norwich)*, Mark Oakden (Witham), Peter Newton (Bury St Edmunds), Sophie Hughes (Ipswich)* 4/5 £ 25 each
u18 Junior Oliver Ferris (Bury Knights)* 3½/5 £ 50
u1500 Rating Peter Stone (Norfolk and Norwich) 4/5 £ 50
u1400 Rating Dennis Driscoll (St Johns Norwich) 3½/5 £ 50
u1300 Rating Sophie Hughes (Ipswich) 4/5 £ 50

* Our published prize rules say that no player may be awarded more than one prize. As such, while listed amongst those finishing in 3rd place, Peter Stone and Sophie Hughes instead receive the higher value prizes listed elsewhere. At the prize giving, we said that Oliver Ferris won a rating prize. In fact he should not have been eligible for this as his rating at the time of the event was a "P" (Partial) rating. The rating prize therefore goes to Peter Stone, who can't have two prizes, and the junior prize, of the same value, then goes to Oliver. membership prizes and vouchers.

The prizes mentioned below are £50 eVouchers for and memberships at diamond level. Because these cannot be shared we have used tie-breaks to distribute the prizes when players have the same score. The tie-breaks used were head-to-head result, the number of wins and Buchholz (roughly the sum of opponents' scores).

Allocating these prizes can take some time due to needing to collect membership details. Any winner not wishing to take up their prize can allocate it to a friend, or ask us to award it to another player of our choosing.

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
  6 month diamond
eVoucher for
3 month diamond 3 month diamond
Open IM Alan Merry IM Richard Pert James Cole
Major Sydney Jacob Anas Ibn Saifullah Jeff Tomy
Minor Danny Hardman Mervyn Podmore Peter Stone


Awarded to the highest-scoring junior playing in the Bury League or Suffolk League from the highest section in which a score of 1.5 points is achieved. The trophy has been awarded to:

Abigail Weersing (Linton) - who achieved 1.5 points in the Open section.


Awarded to the highest-scoring player who plays in the Bury League or Suffolk League. This can be in action section of the event, with tie-breaks of higher event section and sum of progressive scores. The winner is:

Anas Ibn Saifullah (Cambridge City) - who achieved 4 points in the Minor.