If you haven't done so already, please register for the congress before making payment. We would like you to pay using PayPal, but if you prefer you can register online and then send payment by post or download the entry form as a pdf and do the whole thing by post. Alternatively, please contact the Congress Secretary to arrange payment by bank transfer.

To pay by PayPal, choose your options below to enable the "Add to Cart" button for the relevant amount. If you're paying for the entry of more than one player you can repeat this as many times as necessary before paying for them all in a single transaction.

If your PayPal email address is not the same as the one(s) used on the registration form, please ensure that within PayPal you provide details of whose entry the payment covers.

Note: To be considered a junior a player must be aged under 18 as at 1st September 2022 (i.e. born after 1 September 2004).

ECF Membership Status
Player Category
Congress Section
GM / IM - Open Section Free !
Adult - Open Section £ 31
Adult - Major Section £ 28
Adult - Inter Section £ 27
Adult - Minor Section £ 25
Junior - Open Section £ 26
Junior - Major Section £ 23
Junior - Inter Section £ 22
Junior - Minor Section £ 19
GM / IM - Open Section (With Pay to Play) £ 9
Adult - Open Section (With Pay to Play) £ 40
Adult - Major Section (With Pay to Play) £ 37
Adult - Inter Section (With Pay to Play) £ 36
Adult - Minor Section (With Pay to Play) £ 34
Junior - Open Section (With Pay to Play) £ 35
Junior - Major Section (With Pay to Play) £ 32
Junior - Inter Section (With Pay to Play) £ 31
Junior - Minor Section (With Pay to Play) £ 28
Donation (optional)
If the amount you want isn't available, select £ 1 and change the quantity in the cart.