The organisers are in the process of distributing any prizes that were not collected at the event. This may take some time, but if you are listed below any would like to be updated about progress, then please get in touch using our contact form.



Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal IM Alan Merry (Bury St Edmunds), IM Richard Pert (Brentwood), IM Neil Bradbury (Welwyn Garden City) 4/5 £ 210 each
First equal Junior Max Pert (Brentwood), Supratit Banerjee (Coulsden) 3½/5 £ 80 each
u2100 Rating Jon Collins (Bury St Edmunds) 2½/5 £ 50
u1950 Rating Michael Gibbons (North Norfolk) 2½/5 £ 50



Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal Brendan O’Gorman (DHSS), Paul Kenning (Braintree) 4/5 £ 150 each
Third equal Francois Swiegers (Stevenage), Stephen Ruthen (Bury St Edmunds), Francis Bowers (Peterborough), Chris Willoughby* (Brentwood) 3½/5 £ 20 each
u1800 Rating Chris Willoughby* (Brentwood) 3½/5 £ 50
u1750 Rating Ben Yelverton (St Johns Norwich) 2½/5 £ 50

* Chris is listed against two prizes for completeness. However, he receives only one, the higher value u1800 Rating prize. No junior prize was awarded in the Major as there were no junior players in this section of the event (the funds were allocated to increasing the junior prizes in the Open).



Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal Alonso Paez (Ipswich), Peter Newton (Bury St Edmunds) 4/5 £ 150 each
Third equal Ander Movilla, Craig Bradshaw* (Bury St Edmunds), Rowan Kent* (Bury St Edmunds), Oliver Ferris* (Bury St Edmunds) 3½/5 £ 30 each
First equal Junior Rowan Kent* (Bury St Edmunds), Oliver Ferris* (Bury St Edmunds) 3½/5 £ 45 each
u1600 Rating Craig Bradshaw* (Bury St Edmunds) 3½/5 £ 50
u1550 Rating Harry Bellano (Letchworth & Hitchin) 3/5 £ 50

* Craig, Rowan and Oliver are listed against two prizes for completeness. However, Craig recieves only the rating prize as this is of higher value than a shared prize would have been. This leaves Rowan and Oliver, who share both third place and the junior prize. Their award is made in respect of the shared junior prize, but increased by a share of the third place prize.



Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First Gerald Gregory (Hertford) 4½/5/5 £ 150
Second Chris Shepherd-Rose* (Bury St Edmunds) 4/5 £ 80
Third equal Bernard Ross (Woodbridge), Sam Kerruish (Sudbury), Mark Webb (Bury St Edmunds), George Robinson* (Bury St Edmunds), David Avery* (Sidcup) 3½/5 £ 30 each
First junior Nickolay Starodubcevs-Snaiders (Bury St Edmunds) 3/5 £ 60
u1400 Rating George Robinson* (Bury St Edmunds) 3½/5 £ 50
u1350 Rating David Avery* (Sidcup) 3½/5 £ 50

Amongst those finishing third-equal, George and David are both allocated the higher value rating prizes.


Giant Slayer Prizes

The prizes listed below were £50 vouchers for the Chess & Bridge bookstall, to be spent on the Sunday of the event. They were awarded to the players who achieved the biggest “upset” in their section in any of rounds 1 to 3. Defeating a player rated 100 points above would give a “slayer-score” of 100 (the rating difference), while drawing against the same opponent would give a “slayer score” of half the rating difference.


Slayer Giant Result Slayer Score
Open Roy Hughes (2008) Alan Merry (2544) Draw 268
Major James Briginshaw (1750) Andrew Hartland (1869) Win 119
Inter Harry Bellano (1457) Barry Connor (1611) Win 154
Minor Brian Kirby* (1221) Edmund Southgate (1484) Win 263

* This was the first time we’ve awarded a “Giant Slayer” prizes, and we scanned the results manually to find the winners. Checking these later with a more reliable method, I found that we had made an error and awarded the prize in the Minor section to David Avery for his first round win against Alan Gardner (with an Slayer Score of 119). David will of course be allowed to keep his purchases, and we’ll be in touch with Brian make up for this error. membership prizes.

The prizes listed below are memberships at diamond level. Because these cannot be shared we have used tie-breaks to distribute the prizes when players have the same score. The tie-breaks used were: head-to-head result, the number of wins and Buchholz (roughly the sum of opponents’ scores).

Allocating these prizes can take some time due to needing to collect membership details. Any winner not wishing to take up their prize can allocate it to a friend, or ask us to award it to another player of our choosing.


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
6 month diamond 3 month diamond 3 month diamond
Open IM Alan Merry IM Richard Pert IM Neil Bradbury
Major Brendan O’Gorman Paul Kenning Chris Willoughby
Inter Alonso Paez Peter Newton Craig Bradshaw
Minor Gerald Gregory Chris Shepherd-Rose Bernard Ross


Awarded to the highest-scoring junior playing in the Bury League or Suffolk League from the highest section in which a score of 1.5 points is achieved. The trophy has been awarded to:

Ruben Nangalia Evans (Linton) – who achieved 2.5 points in the Open section.



Awarded to the highest-scoring player who plays in the Bury League or Suffolk League. This can be in action section of the event, with tie-breaks of higher event section and sum of progressive scores. The winner is:

Alonso Paez (Ipswich) – who achieved 4 points in the Inter section.