Tournament Section
Open Major
  Entry Fees for ECF Members at Platinum, Gold or Silver Level (ECF Membership Guidance)
Adult £ 31 £ 28 £ 28 £ 25
Junior £ 26 £ 23 £ 23 £ 19
  Entry Fees for ECF Non-Members and Adult Bronze Members (ECF Membership Guidance)
Adult £ 40 £ 37 £ 37 £ 34
Junior £ 35 £ 32 £ 32 £ 28
  Prize Money
1st Prize £ 350 £ 200 £ 200 £ 150
2nd Prize £ 180 £ 100 £ 100 £ 80
3rd Prize £ 100 £ 60 £ 60 £ 50
Rating Prize £ 50 £ 50 £ 50 £ 50
Junior Prize £ 60 £ 60 £ 60 £ 60
Note: Juniors are those aged under 18 on 1st September 2023


Eligibility to play in a given section of the event will be based upon Original August ratings, with ECF ratings taking precedence over FIDE ratings where both are available. Seedings, pairings and eligibility for rating prizes will be based on October ratings.

Monetary Prizes

The above junior prizes are underwritten by the Patrick Ribbands Legacy Fund and are guaranteed regardless of the number of entries. The other prizes above are guaranteed if entries reach 80. Additional rating and junior prizes will be awarded if finances permit. Players without an ECF or FIDE rating will not be eligible for rating prizes and a deduction of 50% will be made on any other cash prize won by such a player unless playing in the Open section of the tournament.

The age limits for junior prizes will be determined based on ages of entrants and may be lower than 18. To qualify, a player must have been under the relevant age limit on 1 September 2023.

Tie Breaks

In the event of a tie for a rating prize, the prize will be awarded to the lowest rated player. No other tie breaks will be in operation for rating other monetary prizes, with prize money being shared equally between qualifying players on the same number of points.

No player may be awarded more than one monetary prize. In the event that this would otherwise occur, the player will be awarded the prize with the higher value prize. The organisers reserve the right to vary this arrangement if doing so results in a fairer distribution of prize funds. This is most likely to occur where a player would qualify for a share of more than one prize.

If non-monetary prizes are available, the organisers will publish tiebreaks at the event and here, on the tournament website. Membership Prizes

In addition to the prizes noted above, there are also prizes of Diamond Membership at for the top three finishers in each section. Those finishing first will win a six month membership, and those finishing second or third will win a three month membership. Since these memberships cannot be shared, tie-breaks (TBC) will be in operation.

Deadline for Entries

Entries close at 10pm on Friday 6th October to allow organisers to make final arrangements.


Refunds will be provided at the organisers’ discretion, but not for players who fail to turn up.

Right to refuse entry

The Congress Director reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to state a reason.

ECF Membership Guidance

As per the entry fees above, entrants who are not current ECF members at Silver level or above on the date of the tournament must pay an additional £9.

Please ensure you have renewed your membership which falls due on 1 September each year.

Juniors who have not previously been ECF members are entitled to free Silver membership in their first year. Bronze members may upgrade their membership to Silver by paying an additional £9 to the ECF (or in the case of juniors, for free). This will entitle you to ECF Silver member discounts at other Congresses. Any Adult Bronze member who plays will be automatically upgraded to Silver membership, though it may take the ECF some time to process this upgrade. Junior Bronze members can contact the ECF to be upgraded to Silver free of charge.

For more details visit the ECF's membership pages.