Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal IM Richard Pert (Brentwood), IM Antanas Zapolskis (Lithuania) 4½/5 £ 265 each
Third FM Martin Walker (Norwich Dons) 4/5 £ 100
u180 Grade Martin Faulkner (Coulsden), Adrian Elwin (Milton Keynes), Niels Andersen (Denmark), Peter Finn (Cambridge City) 3/5 £ 15 each
u18 Junior Ieysaa bin-Suhayl (Wisbech) 3/5 £ 50


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal Paul Kenning (Braintree), Vladimirs Bovtramovics (Latvia) 4/5 £ 150 each
Third equal Dominic Bartram (Milton Keynes), John Daugman (Cambridge City), Chris Levy (Hackney) 3½/5 £ 20 each
u155 Grade Chris Willoughby (Brentwood), Sarah Weersing (Linton), David Payne (St John’s Norwich) 3½/5 £ 20 each
u16 Junior Chris Willoughby (Brentwood), Sarah Weersing (Linton), Gavith Dharmasena (Linton) 3½/5 £ 20 each


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First Ranjith Rk (India) 4½/5 £ 200
Second equal Marc Bryant (Hastings), Giovanni Esuperanzi (Cambridge City), Colin Payne (Norwich Dons) 4/5 £ 50 each
Second equal plus u14 Junior Kenneth Hobson (Oxfordshire Juniors) 4/5 £ 60
u125 Grade Les Jones (Ipswich), David Green (Stowmarket), Lucian Cox (Bedford), John Weston (Fakenham), Dmitry Molostvov (Essex Juniors) 3/5 £ 10 each


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal David May (St John’s Norwich), John Duff-Cole (Colchester), Paul Buswell (Hastings & St Leonards, Rowan Kent (Bury St Edmunds), Kameron Grose (Westminster Under School) 4/5 £ 56 each
u80 Grade Richard Dickinson (Bury St Edmunds), Alan Holmes (St John’s Norwich), Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors) 3/5 £ 20 each
u14 Junior Thomas Cooney (St Benildus, Ireland), Jake Horton (Essex Juniors) 3½/5 £ 15 each
u11 Junior Alexander Linton (Cambridgeshire), Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors) 3/5 £ 30 each membership prizes

All prizes mentioned below are memberships at diamond level. Because these cannot be shared we have used tie-breaks to distribute the prizes when players have the same score. The tie-break used was the Sonneborn–Berger score, combined with head-to-head result and Grading Performance.

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
  6 month diamond 3 month diamond 3 month diamond
Open Richard Pert Antanas Zapolskis Martin Walker
Major Paul Kenning Vladimirs Bovtramovics Chris Willoughby
Inter Ranjith Rk Marc Bryant Kenneth Hobson
Minor Paul Buswell John Duff-Cole Rowan Kent


Awarded to the highest-scoring junior playing in the Bury League or Suffolk League from the highest section in which a score of 3 points is achieved. With no tie-breaks having been announced the trophy has been awarded jointly to:

Sarah Weersing (Linton) and Gavith Dharmasena (Linton)

Both scored 3½/5 the Major.